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If you like a good sheep’s milk cheese, Alora offers you an artisan cheese of the very best quality which will undoubtedly delight even the most demanding palate..




AR CHEESE is pure farmhouse sheep’s milk cheese. Our dairy was founded in 1986 for the purposes of producing an exclusive cheese of excellent quality. AR Cured Cheese is an artisan cheese produced solely from raw milk obtained from a select flock of 1000 sheep.To achieve milk of singular characteristics the diet of the animals is meticulously monitored, particularly in the pastures which constitute their principal sustenance. 

The small-scale production permits the lavishing of attention on the production process, from the milking to the final quality control. 

The result is an exclusive product of excellent quality, with characteristic aroma and flavour. 
It is sold in 750 grams, 2,5 kilos in wedges packaged in glass jars with pure olive oil in diverse sizes.

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: reservas@fincalatorrecilla.es

INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 642 732 774   E-mail: reservas@fincalatorrecilla.es