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Accommodation, animals, sports, exhibitions, gastronomy… If you are looking for an alternative for enjoying your free time to the utmost, come and see us. The La Torrecilla Rural Tourism Centre provides you with a complete programme of activities in order that you may enjoy Nature in the very best way possible.

Got a surplus of adrenaline? Then arm yourself with our markers and enjoy a fashionable activity..
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Paseos a Caballo
Ponte las botas y disfruta con nuestros caballos de la Naturaleza, es una experiencia que querrás repetir.
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Laser Combat
Authentic combat action. Enlist with the special forces and enjoy this open air “video game”. For all ages and totally inoffensive. .
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Taller del Queso
Would you like to be a master cheesemaker for the day? Make your own cheese...
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Do you dare to challenge these “terrifying beasts”? Grab your cloak and good luck, maestro!! 
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Visitas Rurales
Visits, Horses, Fighting Bulls, Flocks of Sheep… come and see them up close in the heart of Nature.
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Tiro con Arco
Coordination, aim and concentration. Do you dare? Our monitors will help you learn this sport.

Paquetes Especiales
Enjoy our accommodation packages, adding the most entertaining activities at incredible prices.
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Exhibiciones Ecuestres
Discover the art of equestrian dressage with our spectacular specimens in an unrivalled environment..
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Golf La Torrecilla has discounts for its guests on the nearby golf courses: Zarapicos y Villamayor.
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Authorizations and Insurances
Finca Torrecilla del Río is a Rural Tourism Centre authorised by the Junta de Castilla y León in November of 2004, under number C.T.R. 268-SA-5. ALONSO RAMIREZ ALORA, S.A. is an Active Tourism Company under the denomination CTR La Torrecilla in May of 2009 with number T.A. 37-02. All activities are covered by civil liability insurance. In addition, we have individual accident insurance policies for participants in the activities.

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INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 642 732 774   E-mail: reservas@fincalatorrecilla.es